Moisture Meters are used to detect excess moisture in various materials such as carpet, upholstery, gyprock, timber and even concrete. Some moisture meters will simply indicate whether a material is wet or dry whilst others will measure specific moisture content (a percentage). This is particularly useful for materials which have natural moisture content such as timber.


Moisture meters can be penetrating or non-penetrating. A penetrating moisture meter has metal prongs which are inserted into the surface of a material. A non-penetrating moisture meter uses electro-magnetic fields to determine moisture content without penetrating or damaging the surface of the material.


Another moisture meter is a hygrometer which is used to measure the relative humidity or moisture content of the air in the surrounding environment. The relative humidity inside a wet building or a building containing wet materials will generally be high and will decrease as the building and/or materials dry out. For this reason the measurement of the relative humidity can provide a good indication on the progress of the drying process.


Westaway also uses Flexible Borescope Inspection cameras to view hard to access areas such as wall cavities, under kitchen cupboards and sealed voids. A Borescope camera results in minimal intrusion and damage as only tiny inspection holes are required to allow a visual inspection. Borescope cameras can provide a simple and effective inspection solution.