Hydroxyls are safe, naturally occurring compounds which work to cleanse the air. They are the single most important cleansing agent in nature – created by UV light and moisture from the air. Hydroxyls have been called “Mother Nature’s Broom” because of their effectiveness in cleaning the atmosphere. Hydroxyls are not naturally occurring indoors but can be produced using a Hydroxyl generator. Hydroxyl ions can then be used to cleanse the air in premises in the same way they work to cleanse the earth’s atmosphere.



Hydroxyls decompose organic particles into harmless amounts of carbon dioxide and water through a chemical reaction. One of the advantages of using Hydroxyl ions is that they only exist for a very short period of time which means that there is no chance of them building up to dangerous concentrations – unlike ozone which can build up to potentially harmful levels in an enclosed space. Hydroxyl generating equipment can be used to establish a cleaner and fresher air quality in an indoor environment.