Westaway Restorations provide Hard Surface Cleaning as part of our Restoration Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern Rivers Regions.


Westaway Restorations utilises a fuel powered truck mount for hard surface floor and tile cleaning. The unit was specially designed for hard surface cleaning and is capable of almost any job – internal or external. Cleaning of tiles, concrete floors and walls, even stairs is possible using the fuel powered truck mount unit. As each job is different a test clean is generally completed first to ensure the customer will be satisfied with the results. The main advantage of this method of cleaning is the use of high pressure hot water rotating through a rotary floor or wall cleaning tool. The unit comes with extraction hoses so that waste water can be pumped back into waste water tanks built into the truck. The waste water can then be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner away from the site. This system is ideal for cleaning car parks with oily surfaces.