Westaway Restorations provide Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning as a part of our Restoration Services to the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern Rivers Regions.  Westaway uses hot water extraction & treatment techniques of difficult stains by our qualified technicians. As an active member of SCRIA (Specialised Cleaning & Restoration Industry Association) we employ the lastest technology and equipment. Westaway Restorations uses both electric portable and truck mounted extraction equipment. The truck mounted extraction unit is a Prochem Everest model capable of delivering hot water (93 degrees centigrade) at 1800 psi and cold water at 3000 psi. This unit is also capable of running dual wands for cleaning of large areas.


There are many carpet odour control options such as granules, ozone, disinfectants, or bacterial digesters. However masking the odour is only a temporary solution and generally after a short period of time the smell will return. When an odour causing contaminant has seeped through the carpet, underlay and sub-floor effective odour removal from the carpet requires complete decontamination. This may involve the removal and replacement of the underlay and smooth edge. The sub-floor and the back of the carpet should be cleaned and sealed. Finally the carpet should be cleaned and an enzyme applied. This method of carpet odour removal is more successful because the source of the odour is removed.